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Bespoke & Personal Mane & Tail Comb – Review

Posted on August 10, 2017 by Categories: Product Reviews

Hello again! It’s time for another product review! In December I unwrapped a delightful dandy brush. In March, I found a beautiful body brush and for June, I discovered a perfect mane & tail comb. Hand crafted by Bespoke & Personal just for My Horse Box, they’re really special and it is about time Gee Gee and Me shared one of them! Here we go…

The mane and tail pulling comb included in June’s ‘Show Ready’ themed box is of superior quality. The thin comb has metal teeth, which I love because I find the thin combs easier to work with, wrap the hair around and hold. The handle is made from high quality wood, as all the brushes have been, and is engraved with the My Horse Box horse logo.

Alternatively, for the equestrians who choose not to pull their horses’ mane or tail, the Bespoke & Personal comb is perfect for taming tangles, loosening any old hair and separating sections before plaiting up. This is exactly how I used it last weekend. I used the comb to make precise lines and as it turns out, it is the perfect length to measure my plaits by!

My Horse Box will feature their next Bespoke & Personal grooming tool in November’s box. So this begs the question: what will it be…? I can’t wait to find out!

Til next time! Jessica and Oscar xxx

Review written by Jessica Challinor (Gee Gee & Me) for My Horse Box.
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