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Outside The Box: DVR Equestrian Sport

Posted on October 7, 2017 by Categories: Outside the Box

Have you heard of DVR Equestrian Sport? Well, you’re about to!

This brand new equestrian clothing company are exploding onto the scene in a particularly bright manner. DVR Equestrian Sport specialise in fashion-forward, sport-conscious high visibility gear. We caught up with owner and designer Danielle Reynolds, who says the idea to create a more sleek, technical hi-vis collection was inspired by the clumsy hi-vis bib she used to wear whilst out hacking:

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Danielle’s debut collection STYLE VIS™ is turning heads in all the right ways, not least because of the huge amounts of research that has gone into creating these garments. After two years of planning, designing, and creating, DVR Equestrian Sport have presented some really unique items for the safety and fashion conscious rider. I’ve chosen some of my favourite pieces from the STYLE VIS collection:

Technical Rider’s Base Layer – Black/Lemon, £49.99

I love a good base layer when I’m riding, so I was excited to see DVR creating their own. All of the stretchy, technical pieces in this collection are made with a specialised Italian fabric, which is constructed from recycled polymide and elastane and features Lycra Xtra Life for added flexibility and durability. I like how the hi-vis and reflective panels don’t detract from the style of the base layer, and in fact enhance it. It really does look very smart indeed. Just imagine how amazing this would be as part of a XC outfit!

Men’s Performance Long Sleeve – Lemon/Black Stripe, £45.00

Another item which has really caught my eye is this men’s long sleeve top. All too often equestrian clothing brands either forget about male riders completely, or fob them off with some dull navy breeches and not much else! This hi-vis top looks brilliant, and it’s made from a technical sweat-wicking fabric to keep you cool and comfy whilst riding. It’s great to see DVR creating clothing for both men and women.

Rider’s Sweatshirt – Black/Lemon Stripe, £69.99

This unisex sweatshirt is a great, innovative addition to the STYLE VIS range. It has a secret hidden pocket at the front with a zip fastening, making it the ideal place to safely stash your phone and keys whilst out on a hack. Like the other items I’ve seen, it features tasteful reflective detailing and has clearly been thoughtfully designed.

So, how do you get your hands on all these fabulous pieces, and more? If you visit the DVR Equestrian Sport website, you’ll see that every item in the collection is available to ‘pre-order’ via a Kickstarter campaign.

In order to produce these items in high quantities, the DVR team need to raise an initial sum of £10,000. Their aim is to achieve this via a Kickstarter campaign, where customers ‘pledge’ a donation amount and will receive their chosen item of clothing in return. You can pre-order anything from the collection by pledging the RRP. We think this is a fabulous way for a fledgling brand to launch their products. A personalisation service is also available for this collection, which is a lovely touch.

If you pledge to receive an item, the money won’t leave your bank account until the campaign is over and DVR reach their goal. If they do not reach the goal of £10,000, no-one pays and no-one receives their chosen gifts. The campaign is running until October 20th 2017, and people have currently pledged £5,850. If you would like to support this great brand and get your hands on some pieces from the STYLE VIS collection, you can find their Kickstarter page here. Go on, check it out!

We’re wishing DVR Equestrian Sport all the best with the campaign and launch. I think it’s safe to say that their future looks very bright indeed!

We created this post in collaboration with DVR Equestrian Sport. All ‘Outside The Box’ reviews on The Equestrian Post are always honest reflections of our opinions, regardless of whether items are sent to us for consideration or are purchased by us.

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