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Outside The Box: Tottie Jasmine Breeches

Posted on August 13, 2018 by Categories: Outside the Box

Welcome to another Outside The Box post! Outside The Box is our blogging series where we write about anything and everything except our equestrian subscription boxes. We review the best products that the equestrian world has to offer, whether that’s clothing, accessories, or horse gear.

This time, I’m reviewing the Jasmine Lightweight Breeches from Tottie

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So imagine my delight when I first tried on these Jasmine breeches to find that they were everything I wanted, and more.

Firstly, they do fit beautifully. The firm yet breathable fabric, combined with the structured panel design, creates a pair of breeches that feel snug, sturdy and comfortable. I noticed that even after an hour’s hack they hadn’t gone baggy; they really are very well constructed.

In terms of how flexible they are, I was initially sceptical that they would allow me to exhibit a full range of movement because they fit like a second skin! However, my fears were put to bed when, whilst out hacking, I had to dismount and then remount from the ground a few times thanks to unpredictable terrain and nappy horses! Impressively they didn’t dig in or feel uncomfortable, despite the unplanned gymnastics!

And speaking of added bonuses, I LOVE that these breeches feature silicone knee grips. I’m not always a fan of a full silicone seat, so these inner thigh/knee grips offer that perfect amount of security without entirely sticking me to the saddle!

Another feature that impressed me was the breathable panels around the calf and ankle. Made of a light and stretchy mesh, they offer some added ventilation inside your boots. This is pretty vital during the summer when traditional breeches and riding boots can mean overheating feet! I like that Tottie have clearly taken the time to add in these helpful extras.

As far as aesthetics go, I think these breeches are gorgeous! I love the teal contrast stitching on the belt loops, and the addition of a reflective Tottie logo. They are the most lovely shade of French navy, and they just look so smart.

The Tottie Jasmine Breeches retail at £59.00. For a pair of lightweight breeches with plenty of technical features and lashings of style, I think that’s a very reasonable price. Click hereto get your pair!

But wait!

If you’re a member of the Harry Hall One Club, you can buy them for just £41.30, which is an absolute steal.

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To find out more about One Club, click here.

Until next time!

Annabelle x

Harry Hall very kindly sent us these Jasmine breeches. However, all ‘Outside The Box’ reviews on The Equestrian Post are always honest reflections of our opinions, regardless of whether items are sent to us for consideration or are purchased by us.

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